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The Tenant is responsible for any damage caused to any property belonging to the leased property, as well as damage to property or damage to anything else related to property and Swimming pool, whether caused by themselves or their companions or visitors. Defects that may be found on the property before or during the lease period must be immediately reported to the Agent. The Tenant is responsible for the children in or around the pool. Events or festivities are not allowed. 


◾ The house is accessible on the day of arrival between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m.

◾ Only the maximum number of places in the house is allowed, including children older than 2 years.

◾ Additional guests are not accepted.

◾ The owner or responsible person reserves the right to cancel or refuse if it is not observed.

◾ The tenant pays the rest of the rent in cash on the day of arrival upon delivery of the keys.

◾ The person in charge walks you through the house and also provides information about the activities that can be done in Las Negras and surroundings.

◾ The apartment is cleaned perfectly. People are expected to respect the house, furniture and household and the pool.

Errors in the apartment must be rectified as soon as possible by the owner or the person in charge.

◾ If a problem arises, immediately contact the responsible person.


◾ You must check out before 11:00. You can make an appointment with the person responsible.

◾ In case of damage, the owner or the responsible person must be informed, by phone or in person, and always before you leave the house, in order to avoid misunderstandings.

◾ The tenant must hand in the keys upon departure.

◾ The tenant is responsible for the accommodation and its contents while in the home, in the hope of keeping it careful and tidy.

◾ The facilities are well maintained and in perfect condition, if there is any damage to the facilities, please contact the person in charge.

◾ The owner undertakes to bear the costs of repairs or damage caused by acts of God (broken water pipes, electrical faults, etc.).

◾ The tenant is obliged to close the house during his absence. This is very important to prevent theft or the like.

◾ It is prohibited to engage in unhealthy, harmful, dangerous or illegal activities in or around the home. It is strictly forbidden to make noise during the day or at night that could disturb other neighbors.


A pet is only allowed upon request, if a pet is present without request, the owner or the person responsible of the house has the right to cancel the booking. Rental expenses will not be reimbursed.

If guests bring pets, they are responsible for preventing damage in the home and on the property, and must pay the costs as damage occurs. They are also responsible for any civil liability caused by your pet's actions on others.

◾ The pets are not allowed getting on beds and chairs.

◾ The owner will not accept any claim after departure.

Swimming pool:

• The access of animals in the water is prohibited.
• Keep the facilities clean.
• It is forbidden to leave any type of food that could attract ants, flies or other animals.
• It is forbidden to carry out acts that disturb, annoy or endanger other users (running in humid areas, diving violently, using audio equipment at an annoying volume, throwing waste ...).
• The person who has rented the house is responsible for the correct use of the pool.


In case of cancellation, we will maintain the following return rules:

  • Up to one month in advance: 0%

  • Up to 2 months in advance: 50%

  • Up to 3 months in advance: 75%

  • More than 3 months in advance: 100%

Cancellation must be communicated in writing. The cancellation date is considered the date on which the document is received by the Advertiser.

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